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Questions for Airbus Aerial

Product Name?

Airbus Aerial Data Portal

What Does It Do?

Airbus Aerial has developed a revolutionary, cloud-based platform that rapidly gathers and analyzes data by fusing Airbus' constellation of high-resolution satellites along with fleets of unmanned aircraft. Aerial can quickly collect, analyze and distribute powerful, actionable data. We focus first on what our customers need and then utilize the right tools for the job.

What makes your company or product great?

Aerial is allowing property insurers to work far more efficiently during underwriting and catastrophe response by combining aerial imagery, policy holder information and machine learning all in one, easy to use platform.

Who is your target market?

Property Insurers

What's the typical ROI for an implementation of your product?

Completely dependent on the customer's current process.

What is your best success story?

During Hurricane Harvey and the California Wildfires, Aerial's catastrophe response solution enabled insurers to quickly understand the situation they were facing, giving them a head start on processing claims, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and keeping response staff out of hazardous situations. Remote claims agents were able to evaluate and process claims from the safety of a desk within hours of the events. The overall result being improved customer satisfaction, lower response costs and employee safety.