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Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) Demo 2018



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DriveWell Smartphone Telematics Program

What does it do?

CMT's award-winning DriveWell smartphone telematics program is a complete telematics solution that provides actionable insights on driver behavior and vehicle dynamics to auto insurers, vehicle fleets, OEMs, and municipalities for UBI and safe driving initiatives. In addition to providing valuable insights on driver risk for rating and policy purposes, a key benefit of the DriveWell program over other UBI programs is the mobile app's compelling user experience designed to engage drivers over the long run. It provides feedback on drivers' risky habits in a visually engaging manner and offers a variety of features that tap into consumers' social, competitive, and goal-oriented inclinations to motivate them to improve and sustain their safer driving behaviors.

The demo will showcase the driver-facing components of the DriveWell program -- the smartphone app, white-labeled for our customers, and purpose-built Tag, an IoT device that affixes to the windshield. We will explain how they work seamlessly together to automatically detect trips and aggregate sensor data to determine key driving behaviors - phone distraction, speeding, hard acceleration, hard braking, and cornering. Also, the DriveWell app UI will be presented, highlighting features that drive engagement and improvement, such as trip summaries and event details, scores, leaderboards, badges, streaks, family-sharing, and rewards.

These features drive results. Users of DriveWell programs have shown significant behavioral improvement - an average reduction of 35% in phone distraction, 20% in hard braking, and 20% in at-risk speeding after 30 days of enrollment, and 25% reduction in distraction and hard braking after 200 days.

What makes your product great?

CMT's DriveWell program is a complete telematics and analytics solution that not only accurately measures risk but motivates drivers to improve their behaviors.

Following are some of the factors that make our product great

  1. Real-time feedback (feedback on driving behavior for each trip)
  2. Highly engaging user interface
  3. Gamification (streaks, badges, leaderboards etc.)
  4. Rewards (engage customers with rewards for improved driving behavior)
  5. Data security (user anonymity and encrypted data transfer)
  6. Data accuracy (highly accurate contextual speeding, driver/passenger and trip mode classification)
  7. Sustainable change in driving behavior (34% reduction in phone distraction, 20 percent in speeding and 20% in hard-braking within less than 30 days)
  8. Crash analytics and forensics (instant FNOL)
  9. Scalability (ease of implementation, regardless of number of users)
  10. Time to market (90 to 120 days)

Who is your target market?

  • Personal lines insurers
  • Commercial lines insurers
  • Cities/Municipalities for safer driving initiatives
  • Fleets
  • OEMs