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Questions for Liferay

Product Name?

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

What Does It Do?

Learn how to provide a single touchpoint for users to interact with holistic, enterprise-wide and actionable data-driven experiences. Transform your business with digital processes for claims and more with dynamic forms and workflows that can adjust to your user's specific needs or context. Leverage the wealth of data you already own through deep integrations with legacy and modern systems to drive personalized experiences for customers, brokers and managers alike. Give power back to the business user to manage all of this and more with code-free, intuitive interfaces.

What makes your company or product great?

Liferay DXP provides businesses with the ability to build portals, intranets, websites and more digital solutions on an integrated and flexible platform that can support a wide variety of needs for both customers and workforces.

Who is your target market?

Mid to Large Companies - Property/Casualty, Health