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Product Name?


What Does It Do?

WorkLight from RhinoDox is a cloud-based, Modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool that’s revolutionizing the way insurance professionals work. At RhinoDox, we believe there’s massive value in your content that traditional ECMs simply don’t have the functionality to take full advantage of. That’s where WorkLight comes in. Using cutting edge machine learning algorithms, we extract value and meaning from your documents and data, then further enhance and enrich your data through additional information sources such as Salesforce and DBPedia. And best of all, WorkLight’s API allows you to take advantage of our content and data analysis all from the comfort of your back-office systems.

What makes your company or product great?

Check back for more information

Who is your target market?

Business professionals in Commercial Insurance, Life Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Wholesale Distribution, Re-Insurance, Retail Brokers and Direct Carriers.

What's the typical ROI for an implementation of your product?

On average, 500%

What is your best success story?

Created billing efficiencies with the application of an automated workflow to check transaction statuses in real-time

  • 90% of transactions are now totally touchless
  • 3 full-time headcount redeployed to other departments
  • 1,500 annualized hours saved
  • 100% platform user adoption in 30 minutes