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Questions for The Floow

Product Name?


What Does It Do?

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What makes your company or product great?

We bring high levels of competence to solutions, combining data science, social science and technical capabilities. By drawing upon nearly 2 billion driving miles from hundreds of thousands of users to create our scores, we deliver an improvement of at least 25% claims benefit across the book.

Our cost-effective portfolio allows insurance clients to get out to market quickly with UBI solutions. We help offer a fair realistic pricing for drivers by building your own scoring IP on top of our trusted algorithms.

We aim to inform, engage and educate. Our end-to-end engagement approach, delivered via intuitive, engaging apps and services, means that we inform, coach and educate drivers on their performance, and incentivise them to improve. By encouraging better driving, we help to reduce accidents and the human and financial costs they bring.

Who is your target market?

The Floow covers Insurance, Fleet Operators, OEMS Worldwide. Focusing mainly on Europe and North America

What's the typical ROI for an implementation of your product?

We’re creating a cost-effective portfolio of solutions that allow customers to get out to market quickly and drive a fast return on their investment. Because our scoring is built upon insights from billions of driver miles, we help insurance companies offer fair and realistic pricing for drivers. By encouraging better driver behavior, we help to reduce the cost of claims for our insurance customers.

Best Success Story?

One success story is with Direct Line Group’s Shotgun proposition. Shotgun monitors journeys, providing continuous scoring via an app. Customers earn targeted rewards from popular brands in exchange for better scores, which double the amount by which a driver improves. We deliver our coaching programme, FloowCoach, to Shotgun customers. For every 100 drivers completing the programme, 16 accidents are avoided. We have several successful deployments with US customers which confidentiality prevents us from sharing publicly.