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Product Name:

CD Digital Distribution Suite

Product Description:

Be a market leader with ClarionDoor's CD Digital Distribution Suite. The cloud-optimized, insurance-ready solution provides a digital platform for rate, quote, bind, issue, and forms, enabling you to manage product changes faster and distribute them more efficiently to all of your channels. The built-in dynamic API architecture provides the flexibility you need to innovate your business through process automation, empower partnerships, and leverage third-party data. With no software to install, no infrastructure to manage, and no specialized skills required, the CD Digital Distribution Suite is a cost-effective solution that can help you grow your business.

Target Markets:

Property & Casualty
Specialty Markets
Program Business
All sizes welcomed

What makes your product great?

Built for the cloud
Nothing to install
No infrastructure to manage
No specialized skills required
Unparalleled API architecture
Complete digital solution for rate, quote, bind, issue, and forms
Automating digital distribution channels
100% Referenceable Customer Base

Best Success Story:

Fully integrated rating, forms, and policy issuance in approximately 90 days. That is what Assurant was able to achieve with ClarionDoor's cloud-optimized CD Digital Distribution Suite. The countrywide implementation included full rating, over 700 forms and inference logic, and policy issuance rules - all fully integrated with their legacy policy admin system for two major commercial business lines. Assurant was able to generate revenue quickly and capitalize their return on investment.