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Dispatch Demo, Dig|In 2019



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In our demo, we’ll showcase how easy our application is to use from the dispatcher and claims adjuster’s perspective, as well as the unbeatable policyholder experience from FNOL through the completion of their claims adjustment.

Imagine sending your policyholder an on-my-way notification with a live map of where the claims adjuster is; the policyholder can track the adjuster’s ETA and directly message or call them if needed. Then, immediately after the visit, the policyholder receives a 5-star survey where they can leave feedback about their experience. If the survey is of a certain rating, the dispatch center will be immediately alerted and can remedy the situation, allowing carriers to gain control of their brand.

This demo will reveal how quickly insurance companies can modernize their roadside, adjuster, and policyholder experience to easily gain an advantage over their competitors.

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Large Companies with 3rd-Party Contractors

What makes your product great?

Dispatch’s easy to implement, extensible platform connects the dispatch center, claims adjuster, and policyholder together to create a world-class service experience that surpasses the rising expectations of the modern-day market. Our Uber-like Last Mile Customer Experience, which includes omnichannel appointment notifications, adjuster ETA tracking, and five-star feedback ratings have shown to boost NPS by 35%. In addition, our experience reduces customer no-shows by 24%, outbound calls by 37%, and ‘Where’s my claims adjuster’ calls by 33%.