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Product Name:

Ephesoft Transact

Product Description:

Ephesoft is the leading developer of supervised machine learning-based enterprise content capture and data discovery solutions in the cloud, hybrid and on-premise. Ephesoft Transact automates and accelerates document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Insurance organizations with high-value, high volume documents, use Ephesoft’s Transact solution to streamline business processes by capturing, classifying, extracting, validating and exporting data into any repository or line of business application.

Target Market:

Any organization that has a high volume of documents and data, which often includes accounts payable departments and insurance, financial services, government and healthcare sectors.

What makes your product great?

Ephesoft’s innovative solution uncovers answers to unstructured data and transforms organizations by turning that data into assets. Ephesoft introduced the industry’s first cloud-based, hybrid and Capture-as-a-Service platform, making it simple for any sized organization to increase efficiency and improve ROI quickly. While legacy document capture companies rely on costly client server architecture with no provision for alternatives, Ephesoft uses open-source, flexible architecture with fast, easy implementations on both Windows and Linux operating systems. This flexibility helps to improve scalability, speed and accuracy, giving companies a competitive advantage by providing improved service, lower costs and deeper insights into customers and trends.

Additionally, we use our patented supervised machine learning technology, that requires only 1-2 documents to train the system to recognize the type of document, thereby continuously adding value. One of our biggest differentiators are Web Services OpenAPIs, which allow Ephesoft to integrate with other devices with only one UI. This allows for central and decentralized document onramp.

Ephesoft provides a highly competitive pricing model, enabling customers to maximize their return on their investment.

Finally, our strategic partnerships with companies like Microsoft, HP, Infor, Blue Prism, UiPath, Box, Nintex, Quest Diagnostics, Xerox and more, offer customers a full breadth of options and flexibility. We are also Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partners, Preferred Microsoft Content Services charter members and Co-Sell partners.

Best Success Story:

Washington State Health Care Authority generates a tremendous amount of insurance forms and administrative paperwork from its 2 million Washington residents for healthcare coverage. With Ephesoft's partner Ricoh, they replaced a competitive product and analyzed that in a 5-year cost analysis with full enterprise rollout, $4.5 million would be saved with Ephesoft and ROI in 6 months if labor costs were considered. Results showed document preparation efforts decreased by 50% and indexing efforts decreased by 75%.