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ID Product Suite

Product Description:

The ID Product Suite enables insurance providers and insurtech organizations improve inbound lead quality by verifying the accuracy and buying potential of incoming lead data and enhancing that data in real-time. Enhancements include consumer demographics and attributes as well as elite segmentation clusters. This results in improved customer segmentation and personalization as well as an increase in the quality of quote submission. ID Product Suite helps determine which customer acquisition campaigns are most effective in generating quality origination leads and which leads deserve the most resources. It helps eliminate dead-end leads by instantly flagging those that are less likely to convert. The ID Product Suite enables insurance providers and insurtech companies to capture and complete partial inbound lead information via both call center and digital form submissions, as well as assisting with automated lead routing and customized agent messaging.

Target Market:

Insurance Providers and InsureTech companies

What is your best success story?

With ID Suite, Home Professionals was able to reduce its mandatory online form fields to require only name, phone number and zip code. ID Max validated the quality of the information provided, helping Home Professionals eliminate invalid, low performing, or poor quality leads. Since Home Professionals has been utilizing ID Max, the company has experienced a 214 percent increase in completed form submissions due to shortening online inquiry forms and delivering complete identities and profiles.

What makes your product great?

Infutor's ID Product Suite leverages an expansive data network that consists of the most current and accurate consumer identity information, including 30 years of consumer history across a Master Identity Graph of 255M consumers as well as property, automotive, demographic data, and high propensity household, neighborhood and family segmentation clusters - all in a single solution and available on-demand.