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LimelightHealth Demo, Dig|In 2019



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Product Name:

Limelight Health Sales & Underwriting Platform

Product Description:

Limelight's innovative platform offers a range of features that are highly configurable for business needs including quoting, rating, proposal generation, renewals, automated processing for pre-sales, new business, underwriting, enrollment support, data analysis, reporting, consumer delivery and agent self-service, document management and seamless integration with industry systems and services.

Target Market:

Insurance carriers and PEOs

What is your best success story?

Over the last year and a half, Limelight Health’s recurring revenues per month grew 750 percent. During this same 16-month period, Limelight more than doubled its team from 45 to 110 employees, which includes the appointments of new seasoned executives including Pete Espinosa as Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Alliances (previous Global Head of Sales at Guidewire Software), Bob Sanguedolce (previous CIO at Ebay) and Bob Gaydos (30-year employee benefits executive) as advisors.

What makes your product great?

We provide process automation and seamless integration between every participant in the employee benefits industry including carriers, underwriters, sales executives, agents, advisors, and their customers.