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Product Name:

Agreement Automation

Product Description:

Agreement Automation is the digitization of the customer journey from a customer’s initial application, through to digital identity verification, the electronic delivery, presentation, signing and secure storage of an agreement, and the capture and management of all supporting audit trails.

Target Market:

Insurance Carriers
Insurance Brokers
Other Financial Institutions (Banks, Credit Unions, Wealth Management Firms, etc.)

What makes your product great?

Complete Automation: Automate any agreement type across your channels – online, mobile, call center and branch.

Digital Identity Verification: Leverage the OneSpan V-Hub for real-time Know Your Customer (KYC) and Prove Your Customer (PYC) checks, including ID document verification and liveness detection.

E-Signature: Digitize agreement workflows and capture the customer’s consent with secure, legally binding electronic signatures – on any device.

End-To-End Audit Trails: Collect complete audit trails – from verification to signature – to prove exactly what the customer saw and did at each stage of the digital customer journey.

Fully White-Labeled Solution: Every aspect of the agreement automation process can be white-labeled, allowing you to customize language and branding, dialog boxes, buttons and navigation.