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Uluro Smart Delivery

Product Description:

Smart Delivery is the first secure communication delivery system on the market that can email data-sensitive, regulatory compliant communications without risk; providing both proof of delivery to the intended recipient exclusively and a built-in real-time, comprehensive audit trail.

What makes your company or product great?

Smart Delivery is a first-to-market communication delivery system that that can send data-sensitive, regulatory compliant communications electronically without risk and with the quick access and convenience end-users require. A competitive game changer for secure distribution and access of sensitive data, Smart Delivery tracks proof of delivery to the intended recipient exclusively, proof of viewing and even how long the document was opened. Additionally, Smart Delivery’s unmatched, real-time, comprehensive audit trail includes DOD level shredding of the document after a defined set of unauthorized attempts.

Who is your target market?

Any business that delivers secure or sensitive communications to or for their customers. We specifically focus on Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare and Business Process Outsourcers/Print Service Providers.

What is your best success story?

Bluegrass Integrated Communications offers services that range from processing bills and statements to highly interactive campaigns. For their clients that handle sensitive data, security was a top concern. Bluegrass, already using modules from Transformation’s flagship product, Uluro, added Uluro’s uSecure module, designed to provide unparalleled protection for highly sensitive data. uSecure worked so seamlessly and effectively that Bluegrass now puts it into their proposals as a requirement.