Questions & Answers
What is DIGIN?
DIGIN is an innovative, industry-leading event built to showcase the best aspects of the digital future of insurance. DIGIN will feature keynotes from the industry’s disruptors; we’ll hear from the endemic industry players that are leading the way with digital strategy, and visionaries who are building the future of the industry. And of course the event will bring you fast-paced live demos from a curated list of the industry’s most progressive technology companies.
Who are the creators of the event?
DIGIN is brought to you by Digital Insurance and its parent company, Arizent. The content was curated with the help of a crack Advisory Board chock full of industry leaders.
Who will attend?
Senior technology and strategy decision makers from insurance carriers from across the U.S. and around the globe including, P&C and life technology executives, P&C and life strategy executives, heads of innovation, digital strategy executives, insurtech startups, AI & analytics firms, customer experience firms, strategy & innovation experts, drones, IOT & telematics firms, venture capital investors, private equity investors, regulators and government officials, and technology innovators looking to partner with industry leaders.
When and where?
DIGIN 2020 will be held December 7-9, 2020 in Austin, Texas.
How can I register to attend?
Simply click here.
Whom do I contact about speaking?
Please contact Suleman Din at (212) 803-8738 or Nathan Golia at (212) 803-8491.
Whom do I contact about sponsorship?
Please contact Holli Gronset at (312) 933-5643 or Michelle Sutherland at (703) 946-7536.
Whom do I contact about marketing, media partnerships or press inquiries?
Please contact Natalie Merkle at (212) 803-6086.