Joyce Davis

Assistant Vice President, PartnerRe
Joyce Davis
Joyce Davis is an Assistant Vice President who’s highly interested in modern technology, the use of artificial intelligence, and is passionate about innovations that improve services and create solutions for various business needs. With more than 30 years of experience in the (re)insurance industry; Joyce knows the importance of operational efficiencies provided by digital workplaces and the need for a user-centric approach that considers not only the tools we use, but the people who use them and how those two elements come together to create successful organizational cultures where every individual can thrive.

For example, Joyce created a “smart” Contract Review and Analysis Application that originally derived from thousands of macro scripts she wrote over the years. With just a push of a button, the automated contract review helps legal professionals avoid the time consuming, page-by-page review of documents. It produces much faster results than a manual review - all without sacrificing accuracy.

Joyce’s perspectives on her artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives have been published in the white paper, “What can Artificial Intelligence do for Contract Wordings?”

Joyce is a trusted source who is very passionate about diversity and inclusion. She endeavors to educate others to understand the need to transform by sharing innovative ideas through speaking engagements, newsletters, white papers, blogs, presentations, and informal chats.