Mike Fields

Innovation Executive, State Farm 
Mike Fields  2
Mike Fields is an Innovation Executive building and sustaining an environment to deliver business outcomes. Mike’s career is in an exciting and diverse time with State Farm’s renewed organizational focus and investment in innovation. RED Labs is an internal incubator, embracing small focused teams with a passion for the outcomes and a demonstrated ability to pivot along the journey. With this focus and passion, Mike has led the team to introduce several first-of-a-kind products. Aerial Data Insights is a product underpinned by the highest fidelity drone imagery and machine learning. Development and production testing of industry leading blockchain capabilities that vastly improves core functions of the business is another example; as well as the cutting-edge use of Virtual Reality to improve training and post-training retention. These examples represent a subset of portfolio initiatives supported by great talent with an agile approach to everything. In more than 25 years of IT and product delivery experience, Mike continues to embrace emerging technology, incremental steps and a clear mission to deliver measurable business outcomes. Mike enjoys spending time with his family, bicycling and is an avid golfer in his spare time.