Todd Greenbaum

Todd Greenbaum is a UCLA graduate with a degree in Business and Economics and joined Input 1 in June of 1984 shortly after its inception. Between 1984 and 1989, Todd designed the original receivable tracking system that is the backbone of Input 1's portfolio servicing. In January of 1990, Todd became the President of Input 1 and one year later took on the additional post of Chief Executive Officer. Under Todd's guidance, Input 1 has been propelled from a small firm of 5 employees that serviced $10 million in annual insurance premiums, to one with more than 120 employees, servicing over $450 million in annual premiums and providing complete software solutions for over 120 companies throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. He is a dynamic leader with a progressive view of our industry. He is dedicated to the ongoing refinement and expansion of Input 1's technology offerings and their complete implementation into the workplace.