Honoring Today's Women Leaders in Insurance

Dig|In has convened this forum to recognize the contributions of women executives in all areas of the insurance industry. Now, women are taking on increasingly diverse roles as digital and innovation leaders, insurtech founders and more. This event will spotlight how these women navigate a rapidly changing industry and provide the networking opportunities to find your next path.

Women in Insurance Leadership: NEXT will spotlight the C-suite community of tomorrow, honoring female leaders 40 years of age or younger whose influence and achievements in digital transformation set them apart. The addition of this new elite cohort of talent fulfills the promise of the Women in Insurance Leadership program, now entering its 15th year, while also delivering on Digital Insurance’s broader mission to cover the agenda for the industry’s future.

Who's Attending?

Women in Insurance Leadership connects 300+ women from all lines of business and enterprise operations, including insurtechs, insurance carriers, brokers, agents and managing general agents with leading female executives in insurance to talk technology, regulation and diversity.

WIL 2019 Management Level Graphic

View the 2018 attendee list here.

“I enjoyed how honest, genuine, open and raw everyone was with their stories - particularly failures and obstacles they faced. It’s inspiring to see women from huge companies who are making a difference in their roles.”
2018 Attendee
“This is an inspiring event for women in all stages of their career. The networking opportunities to meet other women who can offer new insights into your shared role was refreshing.”
2018 Attendee
“Being able to tap into such collective feminine brilliance spanning across all aspects of insurance gave me so much hope for the future.Together there is no boundary we won't conquer.”
2018 Attendee

Why Attend?

Ready to sign up for an industry conference that won’t leave you feeling like everything was a blur? If you’re looking to hear inspirational stories and bold learnings from digital and innovation leaders, insurtech founders as well as some of the most impressive women in insurance, you’ll find it here. In addition, you’ll make those valuable connections to take your career to the next level.