Olivia Schmitt

Small Business Manager, TRICOR
Olivia Schmitt
Olivia Schmitt has more than 15 years of experience working in the insurance industry. She started her career at TRICOR Insurance as a customer service representative within the Business Insurance division. In 2013 Olivia accepted a position at TRICOR Insurance to lead the development of a division geared towards small business. This role required Olivia to create the strategic direction of the small business division, including developing the overall operations and assembling a team.

Olivia currently leads a team of eight employees that own the acquisition and retention of small business clients. As customer expectation for online shopping for small business insurance grows, Olivia helps lead the strategic planning and execution of building an effective and efficient omnichannel (both traditional and digital buying) customer experience.

Olivia has served on several advisory boards providing insight to insurance companies on agency operations and providing subject matter intellect on data and technology evolution and development for the insurance industry. She is passionate about all things insurance, including agency culture, operations, Insurtech, data integration and transfer, and how all of those things as a whole, impacts the customer experience at TRICOR.
When Olivia is not at work, she is a Wife to Dan and a mother to three children. She spends her time outside of work experimenting with Vegan Cooking and taking on new Fitness Challenges. And as an avid learner, you’ll also find her listening to insurance and customer experience podcasts. Access to the thought leadership in these podcasts helps her build forward-thinking strategies around the challenges and changes happening across the insurance industry.