Based on demands posed by current market conditions that are largely driven by the digital customer, insurers are finding that time is often their enemy when it comes to the speed in which they can close a claim, identify potential fraud, quote and bind coverage, or even service a policy.

Closing that time gap requires transformational thinking about both technologies and processes that apply to the back and front-office alike, along with some automation tools that will enable insurers to respond with more speed and agility.

In the spirit of learning from each other, this highly interactive webinar will enable you to share information in real time and learn from our presenters how to:

  • Enhance customer experience by reducing cycle time through automation
  • Drive operational agility, productivity improvements and reduced operational costs by leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Join the experts from Capgemini and our guest speaker from Celent in a discussion on the opportunities and challenges associated with Smart Automation in insurance.

Key Speakers

Pat Speer
Moderator: Principal Speer Content Strategy & Development LLC
Alan D Walker
Executive Vice President and Head of Insurance Capgemini Consulting North America
Lars Boeing
Head of RPA, Financial Services Capgemini Consulting
Craig Beattie
Senior Analyst Celent