How are insurers using SaaS technology to evolve their business?

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“Leveraging a cloud-based “As-a-Service” platform has allowed West Congress to ramp-up product and service offerings for our specialized markets, creating a distinct competitive advantage by enhancing speed-to-market capabilities for our coast-to-coast network of brokers and agents.”

Tom Dulapa, Executive Vice President,

WestCongress Insurance Services of Detroit, MI

Having the ability to rapidly manage and implement change has become key to any business in today’s volatile marketplace. And, it couldn’t be more imperative for insurers given what we’ve been confronted with globally over the last few months.

As markets and technologies change, responsiveness is gained with the speed in which you can get products to market and adapt those products to the demands of your customers. Whether you are a small to mid-sized traditional insurer looking to modernize systems to be more adaptive or a new entrant looking to capitalize on innovation, the ability to quickly roll out products is a clear differentiator.

Join the conversation with Dig-In, Tom Dulapa EVP - WestCongress and Kim Tambo Sr. Director, Product Marketing - OneShield Software for a discussion about SaaS technology, how it advances business and facilitates change.

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