Every insurer needs a strategy to analyze multiple data sources across business processes in order to improve customer loyalty and operational performance. But it takes people, process and technology to get the job done. Jobs, roles and skills are being transformed in the wake of this data analytics evolution. Join us to learn the facts and fiction around artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and behavioral science, and what the insights-driven organization could soon look like.

In this session, DST and a featured speaker from Forrester Research, will discuss the critical role of data and analytics in the digital economy; its impact on our jobs as data and analytics professionals and the skills we need to do them; and some surprising applications of data, analytics and automation inside and outside of the insurance industry.

Key Speakers

Ellen M. Carney
Principal Analyst, Forrester
Lyndsay Noble
Lead, Analytics Consulting Practice, DST Systems
Jim Ericson (Moderator)
Consultant, Editor Emeritus Information Management