Cloud. Cognitive. Digital. Emerging technologies are pushing a process re-invention across Insurance, and it’s beginning in Underwriting. Industry insiders know that a 1% increase in the productivity of underwriting likely corresponds to a 1% increase in revenue growth. Using cognitive computing, Insurance companies can start to clean up underwriting for the better. Join cognitive insurance specialist Ellen Yoon as she explains the financial benefits associated with re-imagining the future of underwriting and beyond.

What you’ll learn:

  • How insurers are looking past cost savings, and using cognitive & analytics to change employee and customer experience alike
  • How insurers are weaving Digital, Cognitive, and Cloud technologies as well as new data sets from IoT to affect process transformation and open new opportunities
  • How will Insurers combine emerging technologies and growing eco-systems to re-imagine the nature, and possibilities, of their business

Key Speakers

Ellen S. Yoon
Global Cognitive & Analytics Insurance Leader Partner, Global Center of Competence, IBM Global Business Services
Pat Speer
Principal Speer Content Strategy & Development LLC