Today, the insurance industry is undergoing revolutionary change.

  • Today’s customer demands increasingly higher levels of service that is more aligned with the quick and efficient experience of digital-native businesses like Amazon or Uber.
  • Competition is also increasing. Well-funded Insurtech start-ups are not only offering new products, but they are delivering entirely new business models.
  • The challenge for insurers: How to deliver exceptional, personalized customer service while encumbered with legacy IT systems.

Tune into this webinar featuring Matthew Josefowicz, President/CEO, Novarica, and Pegasystem’s Kate Fowler to hear:

  • The latest trends and insights transforming insurance
  • How leading insurers are transforming data into actionable insights using predictive analytics
  • How insurers are redefining their customer customer experience from reactive to pre-emptive to increase the combine ratio, profitability and growth.

From empowering their customer service teams, to breaking down data silos within their organizations, see how insurers are delivering improved efficiency and higher customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability.

Key Speakers

Pat Speer
Principal Speer Content Strategy & Development LLC
Matthew Josefowicz
President/CEO, Novarica
Kate Fowler