13 agent portals carriers should know

Agent portals are a key component of an insurer’s system toolbox. Novarica, the research and consulting company, just released a list of companies supplying agent portal systems and suites for U.S. property and casualty carriers. What follows are the vendors and their products with comments from Novarica’s VP of research and consulting Chuck Ruzicka.

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Appulate is a privately held company headquartered in Westlake Village, CA, that employs 120 people. Its stand-alone agent portal offerings include CarrierConnect, MGAConnect and Program Connect. Appulate’s portals support property/casualty lines of business including personal and commercial insurance. Specific lines include workers’ compensation, surety, specialty, personal auto, homeowners, commercial auto, inland marine and commercial package, among others. Key portal functions include ACORD and other data uploads from retail agency management systems, ISO and non-ISO rating, agent portal and submission management, and a data bridge to policy admin systems.

Duck Creek

Duck Creek Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA, that employs more than 1,100 people. Duck Creek’s portal offering, AgencyPortal, is a stand-alone solution that supports personal and commercial insurance, along with specialty, workers’ compensation and surety. Clients are live on the solution in lines such as personal auto, homeowners, general liability, commercial crime, commercial auto, inland marine and others. AgencyPortal functionality includes account management for customer data, renewal capabilities, visibility into real-time work item activity, timeline to track important events, and new business rate, quote, and bind.
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DXC Technology is headquartered in Tysons, VA, and employs 150,000 people. The company was created by the merger of CSC and the enterprise services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. DXC’s stand-alone portal offering, Insurance OmniChannel, has live lines of business spanning both property/casualty and life/annuity insurance. These include personal auto, homeowners, renters, mortgage, individual life, term life and universal life. Key functions of the portal include omni-channel system of engagement, insurance interactive REST API repository and gateway, a system of record integration framework, its digital UX framework and native SaaS capability.


EBaoTech is a privately held company headquartered in Shanghai, China, that employs 1,200 people. EBaoTech’s portal, InsureMO, is a stand-alone solution designed to support personal and commercial lines of business. Live lines include commercial property, general liability, commercial crime, specialty, professional liability including medical malpractice, and inland marine, among others. Key functions include open integration framework; flexible product definition, rating, and business rule configuration; and out-of-the-box P/C market content and rate, quote, bind and issuance transactions, among others.
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Ebix is a public company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, that employs 2,800 people. The company’s portal solution, EAW AgencyPortal, is not live on any lines of business currently. However, it is designed to support many personal and commercial lines as well as some individual lines. These include personal umbrella, commercial property, commercial property, commercial auto, homeowners, personal auto and others. Among the functionality that the portal offers are quick-quote application and policy workflow, rating rules, ISO Passport quick-fill and a billing plan including EFT and credit card payments.
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Guidewire Software is a publicly held corporation with headquarters in Foster City, CA. Its standalone agent portal solution, the browser-based Underwriting Management Agent (UM Agent), supports commercial property, general liability, commercial auto, E&O/D&O, inland marine, professional liability (including medical malpractice), commercial package, specialty, workers' comp, surety, and other commercial lines of business. Key functionalities include prequalification and secure quick quote, electronic application, straight-through processing, risk appetite warnings and real-time carrier/producer collaboration. The latest release was in February 2018.
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Majesco is a provider of core insurance technology and consulting services headquartered in Morristown, NJ. Its stand-alone agent portal, Majesco Digital Solutions, supports personal auto, homeowners, and dwelling fire lines of business. Key functionalities include real-time collaboration platform for customers, agents and other insurance personnel (underwriters, adjusters, etc.); integration with third-party data and/or other functional capabilities; access to a large ecosystem of data and solution partners; a customer-journey-based approach to personalization and customization of the presentation layer based on specific user needs; and an out-of-the-box integration with Majesco core systems and extensibility to non-Majesco systems. The latest release was in May 2018.
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NTT DATA is a publicly traded company headquartered in Japan. Its stand-alone agent portal, NTT DATA Channel Portal, currently supports personal auto and homeowners lines of business live and is designed to support a number of other lines. Key functionalities include a communication platform with capability to perform service requests, inquiries with the insurer and submit reports and assessments; a transaction and service platform with product purchase and self-service capabilities, among others; an information platform with reports and dashboards; a sales platform with campaign and customer management; as well as a customer 360 view. The latest release was in 2017.
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Outline Systems

Outline Systems is a privately-owned company headquartered in Somerset, NJ. Its browser-based agent portal solution, POSOne, is designed to support most personal and commercial lines of business, including personal umbrella and home, personal and commercial auto, as well as workers’ comp and surety, among others. Key functions include secure policy application; rating and quotes; policy issuance, renewals, and endorsements; reports and statements; as well as dispute resolution. The latest release was in March 2018.
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Unqork is a privately held company headquartered in New York, NY. Its platform uses a configure-once approach and an AI-driven back end that leverages machine learning. Stand-alone agent portal offerings include policy change entry/submission, online payment, policy inquiry, claims inquiry and proposal creation, among others. Unqork’s portal supports personal auto, commercial auto, specialty and life (term, whole, universal). Key functions include a no-code platform enabling rapid product configuration, modern UX design for both agents and consumers, all channel processing (including e-apps and ACORD forms), no change integration and advanced analytics.
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Value Momentum

Value Momentum is a privately held company headquartered in Piscataway, NJ. Its stand-alone agent portal offerings include new business entry/submission, quick quote and account clearance, among others. Value Momentum’s portal supports personal auto, homeowners, dwelling fire, commercial property, general liability, BOP, commercial crime, commercial auto, inland marine, professional liability (including medical malpractice), commercial package, specialty and workers’ compensation. Key functions of its solution, BizDynamics, include coverage recommendation, appetite guide, notifications and preferences management, setup offerings for distribution (e.g., platinum, gold, silver, or retail gold for BOP) and immersive coaching content to brand awareness.
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VUE Software

VUE Software is the insurance component of CSSI, a privately owned company headquartered in Coconut Creek, FL. Its stand-alone agent portal offerings include policy transaction history inquiry and agent/underwriter collaboration. VUE Software’s VUE PP offering supports all personal and commercial lines queried by Novarica as well as all life and health lines. Key functions include its bi-directional exchange of content, carriers determining what information to show, agent communication/messaging, access to more than just VUE data and performance analytics/BI dashboards.
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Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is a global advisory, broking and solutions company headquartered in Arlington, VA. Its stand-alone agent portal offerings include ACORD application creation. Its BrovadaOne solution supports personal auto, homeowners and boatowners. Key functions include its portal (inquiry, new business, policy change, FNOL), system integrator, offering of consistent user interface before/during/after an engagement of policy or claims system conversion, download, and book of business transfer.