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Now featuring demos from DigIn 2020. In today’s global circumstances, leaders in the insurance industry are looking for innovative ways to help their firms make progress on the path to the new normal. Advances in Tech brings together some of the latest software and technologies that are helping the industry move forward. Explore these short demos to learn about groundbreaking innovations. Technologies include: reimagining end-to-end buying experiences, automation and AI, platforms for campaign growth, simulations and analysis, low- and no-code app development and more!

New technologies, from DigIn 2020 and beyond you need to see...
Reduce risk, improve win rates, and increase capacity for commercial insurance carriers and brokers by using a suite of AI services. Learn more.
Insurance companies are under pressure to improve performance while also increasing profitability and providing a top-class customer experience. Fast and intelligent decision making is key.
Companies with strong digital-first capabilities have an 89% customer retention rate. Glia provides Digital Customer Service technology that is reinventing how insurers support clients online. Learn more.
One of the biggest challenges insurance companies face is getting the timely information they need to know what business has been written across a large and often diverse portfolio.
Insurance companies are looking for ways optimize their marketing, and improve ROI. Learn more.
...the best tech innovations...
Conversational AI solutions can be the key to advance automation and self-service for customers and employees.
Unqork is a completely visual, no-code application platform that helps large enterprises build complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than traditional approaches.
The insurance distribution channel is becoming more competitive and carriers need data to position themselves for retention and growth.
How accurately does your search engine answer question? See how Yext can transform your search experience anywhere people ask questions about you.
Unlock new markets and distribute any product through any channel efficiently. Industry expert Ajmal Malik demos EXL's powerful solution for automating the entire new business and underwriting process from receipt of app through to policy issue.
...the best solutions for the digital future.
From new business onboarding, billing and payments, to adjustments, claims and renewals, insurance brokers and underwriters have a complex set of digital needs. Learn more.
Discover a market leading all-in-one solution that combines core policy processing, digital engagement and intelligent data to advance each insurer’s mission.
To attract and retain today’s digitally connected consumer, insurers must become easier to do business with. DXC Technology is helping insurers differentiate and deliver the new digital functionality and self-service options.