Top 7 locations for P&C insurance startups

  • July 31 2018, 5:02am EDT

The company information database Crunchbase has identified more than 30 P&C insurance startups since the beginning of 2017. Using that data, Digital Insurance has compiled a list of the regions where the insurtech community is thriving, with groups of companies innovating in the space.

New York, N.Y.

Notable companies: Jetty,, Policygenius

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San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Calif.

Notable companies: Metromile, Coverhound, Gabi

Boston, Mass. (incl. Cambridge, Mass.)

Notable companies: Everquote, Insurify, Quillt

Des Moines, Iowa

Notable companies: SmartDrivinc, Property Protect

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Denver, Colo.

Notable companies: Spex, Flyreel

Los Angeles, Calif.

Notable companies: Matic, Estify

State of Ohio

Notable companies: Root, Datarole