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Agency-Company for Researchand Development (ACORD)

One Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, N.Y., 10965

Telephone number: 914-620-1700

Facsimile number: 914-620-3600

Web site:

Contact: Thomas Cornell, director, management information systems

E-mail address:

Mission: To sustain its position as the industry's resource for technology and standards.

Membership: Property and casualty insurance


Number of members: 25,000 to 30,000

2001 annual meeting: May 20-23 in Orlando, Fla.

American Association of Managing

General Agents

9140 Ward Pkwy., Kansas City, Mo., 64114

Telephone number: 816-444-3500

Facsimile number: 816-444-0330

Web site:

Contact: Jerry Fogel, executive vice president

Mission: To provide a renewed commitment to growth and prosperity for member companies and the industry they serve.

Membership: Managing general agents and vendor associate members

Number of members: 252 managing agents; 254 vendor associates

2001 annual meeting: May 20-24 in Palm Desert, Calif.

American Council of Life Insurance

1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 20004

Telephone number: 202-624-2128

Facsimile number: 202-624-2319

Web site:

Contact: David Leifer, counsel

E-mail address:

Mission: To advocate the interests of life insurers

and their millions of policyholders before federal

and state legislators, state insurance departments, administration officials, federal regulatory agencies

and the courts.

Membership: Life insurance companies

Number of members: 435

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

American Institute for Chartered

Property Casualty Underwriters

720 Providence Road, Malvern, Pa., 19355

Telephone number: 610-644-2100

Facsimile number: 610-640-9576

Web site:

Contact: Jim Fryer, director, information

technology education

E-mail address:

Mission: To provide leadership in expanding knowledge through education, publications and research for risk management and insurance professionals of tomorrow.

Membership: Adult and college level students

Number of members: N/A

American Insurance Association

1130 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 1000, Washington, D.C., 20036

Telephone number: 202-828-7100

Facsimile number: 202-293-1219

Web site:

Contact: Eric Goldberg, senior counsel

E-mail address:

Mission: To forge constructive solutions to industry issues by listening to opinions and ideas of our companies, consumers, regulators, and business leaders, and build a consensus by melding the best of what the insurance industry needs to remain sound and what consumers need in insurance protection.

Membership: Property and casualty companies

Number of members: 300

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

Chartered Property Casualty

Underwriters Society

720 Providence Rd., Malvern, Pa., 19355

Telephone number: 800-932-2728

Facsimile number: 610-251-2780

Web site:

Contact: Lamont Boyd, chairman, information technology section

E-mail address:

Mission: The Society is dedicated to meeting the needs of professionals who have earned the CPCU designation, so that they may serve others in a competent and ethical manner.

Membership: Property casualty underwriters

Number of members: 30,000

2000 annual meeting: Oct. 22-24 in San Antonio

Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan

P.O. Box 3337, Livonia, Mich., 48151

Telephone number: 734-462-9600

Facsimile number: 734-462-9721

Web site:

Contact: Jon Heikkinen, senior vice president,

data services

E-mail address:

Mission: To enhance the workers' compensation system through customer service, education and administration of the Michigan Workers' Compensation Placement Facility. To perform duties in an equitable, professional, and responsive manner when dealing with all participants in the system.

Membership: Insurance carriers in Michigan licensed to sell workers' compensation products

Number of members: 250

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel

P.O. Box 6068, South Bend, Ind., 46660

Telephone number: 508-668-6859

Facsimile number: 508-668-6892

Web site:

Contact: Sharon McGovern, executive secretary

E-mail address:

Mission: To represent the interests of those who need a defense in civil lawsuits. To operate in the best and most ethical way possible while helping each other stay informed about legal trends and developments which affect those whom we represent.

Membership: Attorneys representing and defending insurance carriers of various product lines

Number of members: 1,400

2001 annual meeting: July 22-28 in London, England

Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA)

555 13th St., NW, Suite 600-E, Washington, D.C., 20004

Telephone number: 202-824-1600

Facsimile number: 202-824-1722

Web site:

Contact: Kathleen Fyffe, federal legislative

executive director

Mission: Represents members interests in Congress and state legislatures; communicate members views to policymakers and consumers.

Membership: Health insurance companies

Number of members: 269

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA)

127 South Peyton St., Alexandria, Va., 22314

Telephone number: 800-221-7917

Facsimile number: 703-683-7556

Web site:

Contact: Madeline Flanagan, director of research

and information

E-mail address:

Mission: Through its work with insurers, vendors and other industry organizations, the association intends to achieve seamless communication and data transfer for its members.

Membership: Independent agents

Number of members: 300,000

2000 annual meeting: Oct. 29-Nov. 1 in Orlando, Fla.

Inland Marine Underwriters Association

111 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10006

Telephone number: 212-233-7958

Facsimile number: 212-732-3451

Web site:

Contact: Ronald Thornton, president

E-mail address:

Mission: To serve as the collective voice of the U.S. inland marine insurance industry, and provide members with education, research and communications services that support the inland marine underwriting discipline.

Membership: Inland marine insurers

Number of members: 400

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

Insurance Accounting and Systems

Association (IASA)

4705 University Dr., Suite 280, Durham, N.C., 27717

Telephone number: 919-489-0991

Facsimile number: 919-489-1994

Web site:

Contact: Elaine Powell, secretary treasurer

Mission: Through cooperative effort, promote the study and development of modern practices and procedures applicable to insurance accounting and systems.

Membership: Health care, life, property-casualty and reinsurance companies

Number of members: 1,700

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

Insurance Information Institute

110 William St., New York, N.Y., 10038

Telephone number: 212-669-9290

Facsimile number: 212-732-1916

Web site:

Contact: John Spagnuolo, director of new media

E-mail address:

Mission: To improve the understanding of insurance, what it does and how it works, primarily through the media.

Membership: Property and casualty insurers

Number of members: 275

2001 annual meeting: Jan. 9-10 in New York City

Institute for Business and Home Safety

175 Federal St., Suite 500, Boston, Mass.,


Telephone number: 617-292-2003

Facsimile number: 617-292-2022

Web site:

Contact: Karen Gahagan, assistant vice president for information services

E-mail address:

Mission: To reduce deaths, injuries, property damage, economic losses and human suffering caused by natural disasters, and to help make disaster resistance an important consideration in our home and work environments.

Membership: P&C insurers and reinsurers

Number of members:100

2000 annual meeting: Sept. 13-15 in Newport, R.I.

International Insurance Society

101 Murray St., New York, N.Y. 10007

Telephone number: 212-815-9290

Facsimile number: 212-815-9297

Web site:

Contact: John P. Meyerholz, president

E-mail address:

Mission: To facilitate the worldwide transfer of ideas and innovations and to foster the development of personal networks across national and international insurance markets through a joint effort of executives and academics.

Membership: Chief executives and senior officers spanning multiple insurance lines

Number of members: 1,000

2001 annual meeting: Mid-July in Vienna, Austria (exact dates to be determined)

Life Office Management Association (LOMA)

2300 Windy Ridge Pkwy., Suite 600,

Atlanta, Ga., 30339

Telephone number: 770-984-6434

Facsimile number: 770-984-6420


Contact: Patricia Toups, chief librarian, information center

E-mail address:

Mission: LOMA is committed to a business partnership with its worldwide members in the insurance and financial services industry to improve their management and operations through quality employee development, research, information sharing and related products and services.

Membership: Insurance and financial service


Number of members: 1,100

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

National Association of Health Underwriters

2000 North 14 St., Suite 450, Arlington, Va., 22201

Telephone number: 703-276-0220

Facsimile number: 703-841-7797

Web site:

Contact: Lewis Tomlin, manager, IS

Mission: Serving the public by promoting the activities and the ethical conduct of insurance professionals through communication and education efforts and legislative representation.

Membership: Agents, brokers and company health insurance professionals

Number of members: 16,000

2001 annual meeting: To be announced

National Association of Independent

Insurance Adjusters

300 W. Washington, Chicago, Ill., 60606

Telephone number: 312-853-0808

Facsimile number: 312-853-3225

Web site:

Contact: David Mehren, executive vice president

E-mail address:

Mission: Create dignity and invite a feeling of high regard to the business and profession of independent adjusting.

Membership: Independent insurance adjusters

Number of members: 365 member companies

2001 annual meeting: May 24-27 in Keystone, Colo.

National Association of Mutual

Insurance Companies

3601 Vincennes Rd., Indianapolis, Ind., 46268

Telephone number: 317-875-5250

Facsimile number: 317-879-8408

Web site:

Contact: Mike Ulmer, director, IS

E-mail address:

Mission: Through its presence in federal legislative and regulatory issues, NAMIC strives to serve the interests of member companies, the property/casualty industry and millions of policyholders.

Membership: Property and casualty insurers

Number of members: 1,200

2000 annual meeting: Sept. 24-27 in Nashville, Tenn.

National Association of Professional

Surplus Lines Offices Ltd.

6405 N. Cosby Ave., Suite 201, Kansas City, Mo., 64151

Telephone number: 816-741-3910

Facsimile number: 816-741-5409

Web site:

Contact: Mike Ardis, communications coordinator

E-mail address:

Mission: To identify and explain to regulators, the media, the public and other segments of the insurance industry the vital role surplus lines plays in the insurance industry.

Membership: Surplus lines and wholesale insurance marketers

Number of members: 1,200

2000 annual meeting: Sept. 13-17 in Chicago

Professional Insurance Agents of America

400 N. Washington St., Alexandria, Va., 22314

Telephone number: 703-836-9340

Facsimile number: 703-836-1279

Web site:

Contact: Casey McAllister, director, IS

E-mail address:

Mission: PIA serves its members by analyzing a broad spectrum of industry information, synthesizing it and providing it to our members in a form they can use to benefit their clients and build their businesses.

Membership: Agents specializing in home, auto and business coverage

Number of members: 180,000

2000 annual meeting: Sept. 8-10 in New Orleans has been cancelled

Reinsurance Association of America

1301 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 900, Washington, D.C., 20004

Telephone number: 202-638-3690

Facsimile number: 202-638-0936

Web site:

Contact: Chris Shue, director, IS

Mission: To advance the interests of the U.S. property and casualty reinsurance industry through effective government relations with state and federal regulatory agencies, legislators and other officials.

Membership: Property/casualty reinsurance companies

Number of members: 30 member companies and affiliates

2000 annual meeting: N/A


National Association of Insurance

Commissioners (NAIC)

2301 McGee, Suite 899, Kansas City, Mo., 64108-2604

Telephone Number: 816-842-3600

Facsimile Number: 816-783-8175

Web site:

Contact: Bob Martin, communications manager

Mission: To assist state insurance regulators, individually and collectively, to protect the public interest, promote competitive markets and facilitate the fair and equitable treatment of insurance consumers; to promote the reliability, solvency and financial solidity of insurance institutions; and support and improve the state regulation of insurance.

Number of members: 55, including states, territories and Washington, D.C.

National Conference of Insurance Legislators

139 Lancaster St., Albany, N.Y., 12210

Telephone number: 518-449-3210

Facsimile number: 518-432-5651

Web site:

Contact: Robert Mackin, executive director

Mission: To help legislators make informed decisions on insurance issues that affect their constituencies and to declare opposition to federal encroachment of state authority in regulating the business of insurance as authorized under the McCarron-Ferguson Act

of 1945.

Number of members: 34 states

2000 annual meeting: Nov. 16-19 in New Orleans

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