Electric toothbrush company launches dental care app

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Electronic toothbrush company Quip has launched a mobile app to approximate dental insurance through a network of participating doctors.

The goal for Quipcare is to help members focus on proactive care by filing and managing treatment records and granting rewards for constant check-ups. The basic app is free, but members can also upgrade to quipcare+, for $25 per month, with benefits including two preventative check-ups and annual x-rays.

“With quipcare, we help patients pay providers more directly, so they can pay less and the provider can keep more, leading to better health outcomes and happier patients and professionals,” shared Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport, Director of Care at quip.
“Unlike healthcare insurance, dental benefit profits aren’t as limited, meaning profit margins of traditional plans can be big, patient rates high and provider reimbursements low. Great oral health is achieved by combining a healthy at-home routine with consistent professional care. quip is now the first consumer oral care company to offer both personal and professional care, making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take proper care of their mouth."

New York City will be the first to receive Quipcare this summer, with expansion in 2020.

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