State Auto launching AI-guided self-service inspections

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State Auto is working with the insurtech Flyreel to introduce AI-guided self-service inspections for new home insurance policyholders.

When they sign on with the insurer, customers are sent a link to a State Auto-branded implementation of Flyreel’s Property Assistant software. Users are guided through their own home inspection, inside and out, with a custom program designed by the insurer and vendor together to maximize relevant data.

Computer vision within the platform ensures that the customer’s most important contents and any issues are flagged automatically. The goal, says Haley Smith, head of State Auto Labs, is to make sure customers are covered adequately for their risk. The company is also able to more efficiently get risk engineers’ eyes on potential risks, because they don’t have to physically perform the inspections themselves.

“It reduces ‘windshield time,’” Smith explains. “We’re seeing more now than when they were going on site, considering we didn’t get eyes on the interior in some cases.”

Cole Winans, CEO of Flyreel, says the company has around 16 engagements across 10 customers with its software in the market, and is looking to expand its utility. “We started in underwriting and are now looking at claims,” he says.

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