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In their 2014 ACORD LOMA Forum presentation, “Actionable Analytics at the Point of Decision,” Strategy Meets Action analyst Mark Breading and FirstBest Vice President Steve Robins announced that analytics are gaining a strong a foothold in the P&C industry. According to as-yet-unpublished research, 83 percent of P&C personal lines insurers plan to increase spending on analytics, as do 85 percent of commercial P&C insurers. Robins and Breading went on to discuss the importance and increasing availability of data for more-profitable underwriting. The pair also stressed that data has a context — a point on which they elaborated by offering a shoe factory, with an excellent safety record, for an underwriting exercise, while withholding the fact that it was adjacent to a bomb factory. Click through the following pages to learn Robins and Breading’s five strategies to drive underwriting excellence.