Slideshow 5 Ways Tech Can Enable New Opportunities

  • July 23 2013, 3:56pm EDT
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In its report, Deloitte breaks up the 10 trends into two groups: Disruptors and Enablers. To read about the Disruptors — opportunities that can create sustainable positive disruption in IT capabilities, business operations and sometimes even business models — click here. The five Enablers listed in the report are technologies in which many CIOs have already invested time and effort, but Deloitte says they warrant another look because of new developments or opportunities. Enablers may be more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the potential is often there nonetheless to elevate the business game.

Fuse people and technology to discover new answers in data

By combining human insight and intuition with machine number-crunching and visualization, insurers can answer questions they’ve never answered before and discover important new questions.

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Embed gaming in day-to-day business processes

Gamification can encourage engagement and change employee, customer and supplier behavior, creating new ways to meet business objectives. Gamification in the workplace incorporates social context and location services to motivate and reward desired behaviors in today’s mobile-social world.

Reinvent core systems

A carrier’s ability to implement and capitalize on game-changing technologies such as telematics, mobile and big data new technologies is only as good as their ability to fully integrate them with their core applications and business processes. Robust and flexible core systems built on modern architectures are becoming critical to an insurer’s success. Fortunately, over the past few years vendor have improved their offerings by giving carriers solutions built on modern architectures, delivering flexibility and broad capabilities.

Prepare for hackers

If you build something of value, others will likely come to steal it. No matter how you secure your environment. No matter how many redundant walls or how many futile moats you have. Insurers need to be proactive about the threat – and react more rapidly when breaches do occur. Be outward-facing, prepared and ready in advance. Anticipate and prevent when possible, but be ready to isolate and encapsulate intrusions to minimize impact.

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Become a business partner

Fragmented processes and systems can prevent IT from effectively delivering on the changing demands of the business. IT may need to transform its own management systems to keep up. CIOs are crafting solutions from industry-leading products and testing business cases at each step. This not only drives down costs and better manages risks, but it also positions IT as the business partner in provoking and harvesting disruption.