“We’re excited about the potential innovation that the accelerator can bring to the insurance industry,” says Doug Fick, VP and CIO of U.S. Insurance Solutions for The Principal Financial Group and a board member for the accelerator. “We’re also excited that it’s located here in Des Moines.” [See also: Global Insurance Accelerator Propels Industry Innovation] Following are brief capsules of each member of the inaugural class, who range from Des Moines locals to Berliners and are exploring video, analytics, telematics, distribution, and claims automation.
Drive Spotter – Omaha, Neb.
Drive Spotter is developing a video analytics platform to reduce driving accidents which provides driving forensics and alerting to insurance companies and vehicle fleets. It plans to integrate big data from telemetry, weather, and road condition sources. Dashboards will be created for training, actuaries, operations, and other user personas. The technology extends to ensure drivers can assume control of automated vehicles.
CityMile – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
CityMile is developing a usage-based insurance solution comprising an OBDII device and a mobile app. The goal is both to help insurers kick-start their UBI programs and encourage drivers to change their behavior behind the wheel.
Pablow – Berlin, Germany
Pablow is working on a technology platform that allows big travel insurers and small travel retailers to connect and distribute targeted travel insurances at point of sale, when it is needed most.
Tyche – San Jose, Calif.
Tyche’s goal is to help P&C insurers in commercial and personal lines manage disputed claims. It aggregates legal, financial, and insurance data to build predictive models of legal risk.
LifeDB – Des Moines, Iowa
LifeDB is working on software to make paying life insurance claims easier and faster.
ClinicNote – Ames, Iowa
ClinicNote is a software platform designed to simplify the relationship between private-practice therapists and insurance companies by eliminating inefficiencies by automatically aggregating therapy session notes to generate required insurance reports and reimbursement claims.