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Increasing customer engagement and satisfaction are the top two mobile priorities for insurers, according to survey results shared in by Forrester in a new report, titled "The Mobile Insurance Metrics that Matter." Sixty-three percent of insurers indicated that increasing customer engagement is in their top-three mobile strategies and priorities; 53 percent responded customer satisfaction, 38 percent responded "appear as innovative," 31 percent responded "build loyalty," and 25 percent responded "reduce operating or marketing costs." While driving traffic was not one of the five most-mentioned priorities, traffic was considered by far the top measure of success, with 81 percent saying such. The second more popular measure of success was the volume of interaction on mobile devices (56 percent), third was customer satisfaction (53 percent), fourth was leads generated (53 percent) and conversion rate (38 percent). Web analytics applications were the most popular tool for measuring both mobile applications and sites. Beyond these popular processes, Forrester provides a step-by-step guide as well as the following best practices for insurers looking to sustain a mobile program supported by robust metrics: