Slideshow 7 Auto Insurers Making Mobile App Inroads in Claims

  • March 27 2014, 12:00am EDT
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Forrester Research recently issued a report ranking the mobile offerings of leading U.S. private passenger auto insurers in an effort to benchmark the functionality they currently are offering, as well as highlight best and emerging practices in mobile auto insurance. What follows is a look at seven insurers that are offering robust mobile applications chock full of helpful functionality when it comes to submitting, documenting, reviewing and checking the status of claims.


The Allstate Mobile App allows customers to perform a host of functions, including pay their bills; get a digital insurance card; find and contact an agent; file a loss; send a message; update communication preferences; view claim information and payments, policies, documents, inspection details, coverages/deductibles; and learn about the claim process. The app also contains Allstate’s latest offering: QuickFoto claim, which allows customers to submit photos of their minor collision-damaged vehicle to help speed up the claims process.

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Capital Insurance Group

The CIG Mobile Claims app is designed to provide an interface for the exchange of relevant driver information and documentation of incident after an accident. Images of the accident taken with a smartphone can be uploaded and stored with a claim. Additionally, when customers initiate a claim report with the app, the claim can be tracked throughout the process. Customers also can use the app to access AutoCard 100 Roadside Assistance, find local towing or rental cars or connect with their CIG advisors.


Available on the latest version of Esurance Mobile, Esurance’s app is designed to enable consumers with eligible car insurance claims to video chat with an Esurance appraiser using their smartphone. This new functionality helps to eliminate the need for an appraiser to inspect the vehicle in person, which may save customers the time of scheduling appointments and waiting for payment processing for their claims.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual’s mobile app allows customers to upload as many as three voice annotations in its claims description content options, according to Forrester Research. The app offers customers access to an array of viewable claims artifacts with indicators that help customers understand where they are in the claims process. Liberty Mutual’s app also lets users schedule appraisals and appointments with direct repair facilities.

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Forrester Research finds that GEICO's latest mobile app assists customers with claims by making the appraisal and repair appointment simpler with mobile-embedded scheduling. The app allows users to reschedule appointments, despite having to schedule the initial appointment through GEICO's call center. The insurer also recently has introduced voice assistant technology to the app.

State Farm

Forrester Research also finds that State Farm’s Pocket Agent app offers users uncomplicated claim filing. The app features a simple swiping and graphical accident description input functionality, and makes it so customers can easily share mobile insurance ID cards with other drivers by email. The app also features a repair facility finder that lets customers use ZIP codes or mobile locator services. Customers also can filter the repair facility finder by travel radius and body shops with specific language skills.


The USAA’s Mobile App encompasses a full range of financial services, from insurance to banking and financial products and services. Looking specifically at insurance, customers can report a claim, check the status of their claim 24 hours per day, upload photos, check their deductibles, schedule appraisals and rental cars, and receive and request reimbursements for towing and glass claims. The app allows customers to record their version of the accident, pull up an auto insurance ID and get insurance quotes.

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