This is the second installment of an introduction to the insurtechs participating in Plug & Play's summer startup accelerator. In the first edition, Digital Insurance looked at 15 startups focusing on the P&C industry. These next eight are in the accelerator's general insurance category, offering software that can be used by any line of business. Demo Day for all 33 startups in this cohort is scheduled for June 14.
Ople’s core product, BASS, applies AI to data science; regularly modifying algorithms after each data set it receives to enable data scientists to spend more time analyzing business problems and less tweaking technology.

Website: https://www.ople.ai/
Based on technology developed at MIT, Rlativity6 is a machine learning platform that enables organizations to better engage with their customers by knowing them better. External data from social media, government databases and weather datasets are streamed through the startup’s APIs daily.

Website: https://www.relativity6.com/
Shift Technology
Shift Technology leverages data science to detect fraudulent activity online for insurance companies.

Website: https://www.shift-technology.com/
Founded by serial entrepreneurs and former Google and CERN engineers, Reply.AI leverages chatbots to help insurers attract and retain its newest target audience: millennials.

Website: Reply.AI
Vymo offers a mobile and web-based personal sales assistant for insurers, banks and pharmaceutical companies that coaches agents on best practices to close deals. The startup’s predictive analytics software also works to identify the next best opportunity for a sale in real-time.

Website: http://www.getvymo.com/
Gridspace turns conversation feeds from smartphones, network components and the IoT into data insights, sentiment scores and suggestions for companies looking to improve the customer experience.

Website: https://www.gridspace.com/
Captricity converts paper forms into a digital database, driving productivity and savings for organizations that want to get the most out of their internal data.

Website: http://captricity.com/
Eltropy’s software as a service (SaaS) platform helps improve client engagement and sales by curating relevant marketing content and sharing it on popular social messaging apps, such as What’s App and Facebook Messenger.

Website: http://www.eltropy.com/