Slideshow 9 Regions Targeted for Insurance Growth

  • February 14 2013, 1:05pm EST
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With growth slowing in mature markets, many CEOs see greater potential in the still largely under-penetrated emerging markets of South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. These markets have seen substantial segments of their population escape poverty and move into the middle class in recent years; see which regions CEOs are eyeing up most for potential growth opportunities.Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

9. Middle East (50% of insurance CEOs anticipate an expansion of key operations)

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8. North America (61%)

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7. Central-Eastern Europe/Central Asia (63%)

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6. Australasia (63%)

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5. Africa (67%)

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4. Southeast Asia (84%)

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3. East Asia (85%)

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2. South Asia (88%)

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1. Latin America (88%)

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