Slideshow 24 insurtech startups to participate in Plug & Play incubator program

  • March 23 2017, 5:53am EDT
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The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Plug & Play Tech Center startup accelerator launched its second insurance program this week, after a successful first run last year. Twenty-four startups will participate in the 12-week initiative, up from 22 last year. Participants gain access to funding, workshops and mentoring opportunities to help refine their products, culminating in an expo where they present to a insurance company sponsors. The Read on to meet this year's members. [See last year's cohort and scenes from the expo]


This company is working on a messaging platform that allows chatbots or humans to service customers.

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Jumpstart is working on a platform to pay $10,000 instantly to California earthquake victims — via text.

Pillar Technologies

This company is building a sensor-based worksite safety platform.


This company makes a machine-learning platform to help automate analytics.

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Pointivo makes software that can be used to produce models of structures based on video captured from a smartphone, drone or camera.


Neosurance is building a "virtual agent" for carriers using AI and mobile technology.


Snapsheet is working on a digital platform for claims adjusting.

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This company is developing peer-to-peer risk contracts to help people cover risks on the blockchain.


Fenris Digital is a white-label mobile quoting platform for insurers.

LevelFunded Health

This company is working on a new model for small- to midsize companies to provide employee benefits.

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This company is trying to build a cyber-insurance distribution platform that small- to midsize businesses can use to protect their digital assets.

Limelight Health

Also in the benefits space, Limelight focuses on distribution of employee benefits and incorporating tablet technology.


This digital agency shops a property data profile to help homeowners find the right fit.

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This company is working on combining facial analytics, biodemographic information and life event data to assist in underwriting.


Cybewrite is working on predictive analytics for cyberinsurance.

Extraordinary Re

This company is working on a platform to help make certain kinds of insurance products tradeable.

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Instanda is developing a platform for bringing insurance products to market faster.

Aureus Analytics

A company working on a big data and analytics platform to aid insurers' customer experience.


Brokerlift is a turnkey e-commerce platform for insurance brokerages.

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This is a health insurance distribution platform that helps group carriers enroll online.


Digital distribution platform for annuities.


A data and analytics platform for life insurers.

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Bold Penguin

An agent portal that helps commercial distibutors go digital.