Slideshow The Top 10 Blogs of 2013

  • December 16 2013, 11:02pm EST
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10. Mobile as a Source of Microinsurance Innovation Insurers looking to tap into Latin American markets may be surprised to find high levels of mobile usage. Juan Mazzini — March 19, 2013

9. I’m Not Your Customer of the Future—I Am Your Customer Today A 30-year-old in the industry explains what he would like to see as the transformation of the way insurance is conducted continues. David Ollila — March 11, 2013

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8. The Geico Gecko Can Thank Big Data for His Job Big data is becoming more and more responsible for insurance business initiatives, including advertising. Joe McKendrick — April 9, 2013

7. Telematics: Insurers Begin to Embrace the Internet of Things Technology is fueling the shift from a reimbursement model to a prevention/loss-control one for P&C carriers.Joe McKendrick — June 2, 2013

6. 5 Areas of the Business Ripe for Predictive Analytics The list of questions advanced or predictive analytics can answer within an enterprise is making for a strong business case within insurance organizations. Joe McKendrick — Jan. 24, 2013

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5. Insurers Leading in Social Media Engagement May Surprise You Big spenders may garner lots of likes on Facebook, but when it comes to social media interaction, smaller, specialized insurers lead the way. Terry Golesworthy — Feb. 14, 2013

4. Policy Admin Systems: Time is Not on Our Side When it comes time to make a change in a policy admin system, a lot of planning, negotiating and hand-holding will be required. Joe McKendrick — March 11, 2013

3. Why are There Still So Many Legacy Systems? Investing time and capital in the latest flux capacitor is too risky for many organizations. Joe McKendrick — Jan. 15, 2013

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2. 2014: Emerging Technologies Could Reach Critical Mass A watershed year is shaping up for insurers and their use of technology, and IT/business relations are more important than ever. Justin Stephani — July 13, 2104

1. The Most Liked, Shared Insurers on Social Media A guide to get insurers up to speed in social spaces, which aren't going away any time soon. Terry Golesworthy — July 25, 2013