Slideshow Top IT Priorities

  • May 12 2014, 10:45am EDT
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Management consultancy McKinsey & Co. surveyed business executives from across functions about their companies’ top IT priorities. More than 800 executives responded. The results were published in late March. McKinsey’s takeaway: “Organizations are using IT to improve business effectiveness and efficiency, not just manage cost.” The following are McKinsey’s top eight IT priorities.

#1 Improving Effectiveness of Business Processes

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#2 Improving Cost Efficiency of Business Processes

#3 Providing Managers with Information to Support Planning and Decision-Making

#4 Reducing IT Costs

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#5 Creating New Products or Services

#6 Ensuring Compliance with Regulations

#7 Managing Risk

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#8 Entering New Markets

This slideshow originally appeared at Information Management. See also:10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2014.