Increase claim processing efficiency with accurate, visualized location data

60 Minutes
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Quick and efficient claims response is the hallmark of creating lifetime customer value. But what if you could improve claims processing and reduce costs at the same time? Getting from FNOL to a closed file and a happy claimant requires moving beyond manual processes, interventions and visual reviews.

The top P&C carriers are showing us how to leverage and integrate a host of new and different data sources, such as internal systems, external sources and streaming information, to create simple and intuitive visualization that delivers insight and context.

Using location data such as dynamic weather and aerial imagery, this visualization accelerates data-driven insights through the democratization of data and analytics throughout an organization. Smart Insurers are using this as a win-win: combining this data with business data to enhance existing claims and underwriting processes, and creating long-term, positive impact on the entire claims experience.

Join this webinar to learn how location data will:

  • Improve claim assignment efficiency
  • Manage claim adjuster workloads
  • Manage drivetimes and prioritize claim resource allocations in real time

Data science
  • Pat Speer
    Pat Speer
    Speer Content Strategy & Development LLC
  • Jay Gentry
    Jay Gentry
    Subject Matter Expert, Location Intelligence and Data Quality - Global P&C Insurance Practice
  • Dave Mosher
    Solutions Consultant