Karen Furtado


Karen Furtado, a Partner at SMA, is a recognized industry expert in the core systems space. With exceptional knowledge of policy administration, rating, billing, and claims, Karen is the go-to person for all things core systems and rating. Insurers seek her unparalleled knowledge in mapping solutions to business requirements and IT needs. IT solution providers look to Karen for guidance in planning and targeting offerings in the insurance market.She has more than 25 years of technical and business experience within the insurance industry. While her specific areas of expertise include complex system implementations, vendor selection processes, project management, application development, and business process and technical outsourcing, her career-long focus has been on delivering high-value solutions for core issues facing insurance carriers.As the Insurance Practice Director at Collaborative Consulting, Karen played a key role in bringing a vision to the direction of the insurance business and an understanding of required service offerings to Collaborative's IT consulting practice. Prior to her tenure at Collaborative Consulting, Karen was Vice President of CGI's Insurance Practice. In that role she had responsibility for development of the strategic direction and oversight of CGI's insurance software services, ASP services, and its core insurance Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) practice. Karen has significant experience with CGI's core insurance services including Ratabase, Mass Auto, and Assigned Risk Auto processing services.