Slideshow 16 P&C-focused tech startups sign on with Plug and Play

  • September 29 2017, 5:20am EDT
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The Plug and Play Tech Center, a startup accelerator in Sunnyvale, Calif., has seen its insurtech participation grow quickly since introducing the program in 2016. The company just announced a winter cohort of 35 insurtechs, following a spring 2017 session with 24. The winter session is divided into three subcategories: General insurance; life, health and benefits; and in this gallery, P&C. There are 17 P&C-specific startups; however, currently does not have a website. The other 16 follow.

Abe Labs

Calling itself a modern commercial insurance broker, Abe is already licensed to sell insurance in California.

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This insurance drone operator counts State Farm among its clients.

This company aims to speed up claims processing using artificial intelligence to examine images.

Hazard Hub

This company aggregates risk data for addresses around the country.

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This app helps homeowners manage expenses around home repairs.


Honk aims to make the roadside assistance experience better for stranded drivers.


This company captures, enhances, scores and transfers high-resolution, peril-specific exposure and risk data.

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Orbital Insight

This company processes large amounts of geospatial data to help insurers assess risk.


A training program to help employees be smarter in handling sensitive corporate data.


This company bills itself as a next-generation policy admin platform for P&C carriers.

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This company produces a self-service online claims platform for commercial and personal P&C lines.

ReThought Insurance

This digital MGA is keeping things under wraps for now but claims to be "focused on product innovation for commercial lines."


Another roadside assistance insurtech, Swoop won a small insurtech contest at the venture fund Draper Nexus earlier this summer.

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Previously covered in Digital Insurance, Understory is working on getting more actionable hail data to insurers.


This company is using AI to optimize collaboration within enterprises.


This company provides driver analytics to insurers.