Slideshow Life, benefits, health insurtechs show influence of wearables

  • October 31 2017, 5:30am EDT
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In a final look at the startups in Plug & Play's winter insurtech cohort -- the companies trying to disrupt life, health and group benefits lines -- the power and influence of wearable technologies in these businesses is revealed. Several startups are looking to leverage the information yielded by devices in order to enroll more people quicker. Read on to see more. Also see this cohort's P&C insurtechs and general insurance startups.


A smartwatch that can detect dangerous health conditions and contact emergency responders.

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Manufacturers of wearable technology and an analytics platform that aims to analyze sweat and breath to establish risk.

Human API

A data and analaytics platform for unifying consumer health information from a wide range of clerical and device sources.


An app for estate and life insurance planning.

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A predictive analytics platform that aims to identify changing insurance needs over a policyholder's life.

Gen Life

A company aiming to rearchitect the life insurance delivery chain by using blockchain and artificial intelligence.


A digital distribution platform focusing on non-preferred life insurance risks.

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This company is developing an e-commerce platform to help brokers and insurers sell to small businesses.


A benefits administration platform that integrates and automates administration tasks for multiple perks.