For insurance organizations, competitive differentiation relies on customer experience (CX). As we move into the Digital Age, it is important to leverage customer data to understand how to deliver a great CX.

Attend this webinar to hear guest speaker, Faith Adams, Analyst serving Customer Experience Professionals with Forrester Research, and Arianna Valentini, Product Marketing Manager with Quadient as they discuss where you should focus your CX initiatives to receive the greatest impact on ROI.

• The Importance of ensuring your CX goes two ways; experience as a consumer and experience as an employee

• How to expand the CX ecosystem through understanding the Customer Journey

• Why empowering your employees with digital tools will help deliver better customer experiences

Key Speakers

Jim Ericson (Moderator)
Consultant, Editor Emeritus Information Management
Arianna Valentini
Product Portfolio Manager, Quadient
Faith Adams
Analyst Serving Customer Experience Professionals, Forrester Research