Customer engagement powered by core data: How to deliver it

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One of the finding within the World Insurance Report 2020 by Capgemini and EFMA, was the increasing need to deliver hyper-personalized, experience led engagement to all customer segments.

So how do Insurers deliver experience led engagement? It is by identifying customer behavior, choices and offering the right product at the right price at the right time. This requires a sea change in the way core system data (Guidewire / Duckcreek / Majesco) is being managed. To deliver this capability, Data and Cloud must become key strategic imperatives for insurers. Well harnessed core data on the cloud will enable Insurers to understand customer behavior and choices to offer differentiating products and services.

Join us for a free webinar hosted by Capgemini and AWS (Amazon Web Services) to understand how core Insurance data on the cloud are helping insurers understand their customers better to deliver personalized experience through all channels.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key findings of the World Insurance Report 2020
  • How cloud-based core data management provides for business agility through speed to market of data and insights
  • A carrier experience in using Guidewire Data and AWS as the cloud data platform to deliver personalized experience

Customer data
  • Robin Kulasekararaj
    Senior Director Insights & Data - Insurance Financial Services Strategic Business Unit
  • Jayme Hart
    Head of Business Development, Insurance
  • Jim Ericson
    Consultant, Editor Emeritus
    Information Management