Game changer: Insurers reimagine workflows to transform experiences

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Insurance organizations are being impacted by maturing markets and non-traditional players. They are challenged by tight capital, increasing risk, technologically sophisticated customers and the war for talent. As a result, insurers need to work faster, more efficiently and, above all, smarter.

High performers recognize they need to become more customer-centric to achieve a competitive advantage. IBM has been helping insurers rethink traditional workflows like claims underwriting and policy servicing, but being the best also means acquiring skills that amplify the power of advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain. New operational processes yield greater insight and efficiency; and a level of agility that can deliver innovative new experiences in response to changing markets.

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Key Speakers
  • Ellen Yoon
    Ellen Yoon
    Ellen Yoon, Vice President & Partner, Cognitive Process Transformation, IBM Global Business Services
  • Jim Ericson
    Jim Ericson
    Consultant, Editor Emeritus, Information Management
  • Global Practice Leader for Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services, Cognitive Process Transformation (CPT), IBM Global Business Services
    August 20