Prevent business interruptions and protect understaffed facilities with IoT

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With the onset of COVID-19 making working from home a common practice, many building operators are managing facilities that are only partially occupied or empty, and often with skeleton crews.

Faced with the need to maintain business operations, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a key tool for building managers in helping them protect understaffed facilities and prevent business interruptions.

In this webinar, a panel of industry experts discusses how carriers can:
· Use sensor technology and smart devices to identify threats and risks to business continuity
· Take advantage of different types of IoT programs to achieve specific results
· Make a modest investment that has a significant payoff
· Learn key lessons from a carrier who successfully used technology in a loss-avoided situation

Internet of things Insurtech
Key Speakers
  • Robin Luo, CPCU, ARe
    SVP, SME Solutions
    HSB Applied Technology Solutions
  • J. Brett Carruthers, CSP, RSSP
    Vice President, Risk Management
    NYSIR Director of Risk Management Wright Risk Management
  • Elliot Kass
    Freelance Writer, Editor & Presenter