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8 schools with insurance analytics programs
Insurance Careers Month draws to a close with the industry having invested significant time and resources in making the sector appealing to young people looking to start their careers. Carriers also have pushed awareness among institutions of higher education in order to develop curricula that fit the industry’s unique needs.

This has taken several forms: Sentry Insurance, for example, endowed a data analytics major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in order to drive local development of that talent. MassMutual has done something similar with the University of Vermont and several other colleges near its Springfield, Mass., headquarters. Top-tier carriers like State Farm (with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Starr Companies (with Georgia State) and Nationwide (with Ohio State University) have tapped into collegiate resources with labs and resource centers on campus. Insurers make themselves available at top-flight technology universities like MIT and Georgia Tech in order to bring those tech-savvy graduates into the fold. And insurance and risk management programs are available alongside tech programs for interested students at many colleges.

But there are some schools that are getting even more granular, developing classes and, in some cases, full programs that specifically combine insurance expertise with data skills. Following are some notable examples from institutions around the world.