Allstate enters strategic partnership with app-based driving network

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Allstate has partnered with Life360, a driving-data app for families, to incorporate driving scores from its subsidiaries Arity and distribution capabilities from Answer Financial into the app’s ecosystem.

Under the terms of the agreement, Life360’s sensor capabilities will be combined with Arity’s driver behavior models to provide insight into how family members do behind the wheel. In addition, Life360 will be part of the Answer Marketplace, an ad network that matches insurance companies with drivers who meet certain Arity driving-score thresholds.

“Life360 wants to provide value to their customers for rewarding them on being good drivers,” says Gary Hallgren, president of Arity. “Also, if your kids are with their nannies, friends or some other driver you can understand the risk of that driving as well.”

Arity’s scoring capabilities are replacing a previous provider of driving analytics. The company will benefit from a major increase in mileage data, Hallgren added, including international data that will allow it to refine offerings for markets outside the U.S.

Allstate is also making a venture investment in Life360, whose offerings include Driver Protect, which offers crash detection and emergency response. The insurer has been bolstering its roadside-assistance capabilities in recent months.

Hallgren says that the partnership is an indication of the move toward more personalized insurance becoming the norm. Referencing the fact that Life360 and similar apps are recording data constantly, he explains, “The switch is going to happen because it’s logical to happen.”

“Think about things like ridesharing or sharing your car on Turo or a similar app,” he says. “You’d like to know how good those drivers are before you get in.”

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