HSB expands partnership with electric hazard device company

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Munich Re division HSB continues its exploration of Internet of Things technologies as it announces an expanded partnership with Tin, a provider of home sensors.

Under the new agreement, HSB will help fund Ting parent Whisker Labs’ development of new sensor technologies, while its HSB Applied Technology Solutions unit will deploy them with customers. Ting's Sensor Service is an early warning system for electrical hazards in the home. The customer-installable sensor monitor the home’s electrical system to detect hazards like arcing from faulty wiring behind walls and ceilings. It also monitors utility power quality and can detect electrical faults on the grid that are often the ignition source for wildfires. When it detects an electrical fire hazard, the service covers the cost of a licensed electrician to find and repair it

“We are always working to give our customers easy access to new technologies that will help them avoid expensive and inconvenient losses,” said Greg Barats, HSB president and chief executive officer. “HSB has been working with Whisker Labs for more than three years and we are excited about the results. Our relationship is an important part of HSB’s efforts to apply leading edge technologies that are changing the way we manage risk.”

HSB regularly adds services and clients to its IoT program. It last rolled out a program for schools in 2019.

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